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OPEER Positive Peer Pressure Card Game

OPEER Positive Peer Pressure Card Game

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This card game is designed to make players step outside of their comfort zones in positive ways. Each card has a simple prompt on it. The "Mental" cards are tasks that are designed to make players raise their self esteem. The "Physical" cards are tasks that are designed to make players decrease their stress levels through a short interval exercise.  

Each card pack contains: 

  • 52 total cards 
  • 25 "Mental" Cards
  • 25 "Physical" Cards
  • 1 rules card 
  • 1 directions card 
  • A box with the OPEER logo and information about the company
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie Able
Wonderful resource

I am very impressed with the OPEER Positive Peer Pressure card game and am excited to have it to use with the students in my 6th grade classroom. Once the kids started to participate and get out of their comfort zone a bit, they really enjoyed it and it encouraged a positive classroom environment and peer interactions.

Nikki Mickley

This is a great game for students. I have seen my students play it and it allowed them to express themselves with both words and body movements. At times have difficulty expressing themselves with words so getting them up and moving is another way for them to relate to each other. Once other students see their peers engaging in activities they are more likely to join and participate as well. This is a great game created by a talented group of individuals.

Sheila Sedlock

I am a middle school teacher and I do these as a warm up at the beginning of my classes and my students love it. They always ask as soon as they get into the classroom to make sure I don't forget.

Amazing bonding activity!!!!

Not only did this easy, active card game get all of our friends involved, but everyone had a blast!!! We got to share cool things about ourselves, and step out of our comfort zone!! The quality of the cards are also amazing!! So durable, and the colors make everything more exciting! I love this game and highly suggest it