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What is the Problem?

Mental Health, Self Confidence, Social Skills, Self Esteem. All of these problems are areas of your life that can be positively affected by the OPEER Positive Peer Pressure Card Game. In our research, we have found that adolescents struggle most with awkward social situations. As a result, we have designed a card game that encourages players to step outside of their comfort zone in a positive way. Positivity can be spread by building a personal relationship with others through positive social initiatives. Through this, they can also learn social skills and self confidence.
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What is the Problem?

Our studies have shown co-workers and new employees have a hard time getting to know each other. Especially for new employees, one of the most stressful parts of starting a new job is fitting in. Having an ice breaker game to play in an introduction meeting can be very beneficial to new employees. Through the Corporate Card Game, participants will get to know each other on a more personal level. This creates a strong bond between co-workers in the office, which then creates a more successful and passionate atmosphere.

What Do Customers Think?

"Not only did this easy, active card game get all of our friends involved, but everyone had a blast!!! We got to share cool things about ourselves, and step out of our comfort zone!! The quality of the cards are also amazing!! So durable, and the colors make everything more exciting! I love this game and highly suggest it."

-Mia O.

"The girls loved the game.  It was great to watch them support each other and sometimes even do the activities with each other.  We had them count seconds instead of use a timer which created a great atmosphere of support.  If I did it again I would make them pick from one pile the first time but the second time they have to pick from the other pile.  They mainly chose the physical cards and I felt the mental cards pulled them out of the comfort zone a bit more.  You could put that in the rules of the game.  I had the youngest participant pick who would go first.  Then they chose after that.  Overall it was a big hit."

-Misty P. (Girl Scout Troop Leader)

"I thought the Positive Peer Pressure game was a creative way to engage students in movement and conversation.  My students enjoyed sharing stories and especially the physical tasks. There were some cards that I did not use due to the ages of my students (they weren't ready for some of the content). With so much time spent on phones and social media these days, this game is a breath of fresh air, getting students to talk and interact with each other in a positive way.  Job well done!"

-Mrs. Lancy (1st Grade Teacher)